Love will lead the way home

My Spiritual Journey

It’s not about the path, or the destination, it’s about the journey of becoming YOU. 

It started as early as I can remember...

I knew early on I was different from other kids. I would tell my parents but they thought it was only my imagination. My parents didn’t talk about “ghosts” or “psychic abilities.” They thought the things I described were silly and just my imagination.  Once in a while they would mention evil spirits or even the Devil. I was encouraged to stop paying attention to it and eventually, to quit talking about it. So, that’s what I did. Or tried to do.

I would pray and ask God for some answers, to protect me and keep me safe, let me sleep all night without hearing, seeing or feeling anything!

As I got older,  I could pick up on other peoples’ emotions, unintentionally. I was able to feel when someone was sad, angry or in physical pain. It didn’t make sense at the time, and I was exhausted emotionally and physically at the end of the day. 

After several unexplainable incidents, my best friend had come to the conclusion that I  “was haunted” and not the places where things happened. Wonderful. 

Sometimes I could feel the energy present. It would happen out of nowhere, and I really couldn’t explain how I knew, or what I felt. And when I tried, I sounded absolutely nuts. 

 These types of experiences continued to happen at the new house my parents built my senior year, at college, at my first apartment with my best friend, and to my first home with my husband.

I never could explain the who or what, not even to myself, so I ignored it when I could, and told myself it was my imagination when I couldn’t. I wanted so badly to just be normal.

I wanted so badly to be like everyone else... to be normal.

I began to wonder why God would let me experience this if he loved me.

It became quite obvious that I was stuck with this forever...

It got harder to ignore at times. I would beg God to make it stop. I was now a wife,  mom and a business owner, I did not have time for this. 

By now, I knew I was experiencing premonition dreams, synchronicities and visions about things that would later prove to have some significance.  I grew to be well aware when clients loved ones were paying a visit, trying to relay messages as I was doing their hair.

 (Um.. hello?!? I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to talk to you and I can NOT mess up their hair!) 

Becoming a mom was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have two big hearted, wild and sometimes crazy boys. 

However, it wasn’t very long until it became apparent that they both had some amazing gifts of their own. They were “different” just like me.

 I wanted to be able to have answers when they came to me with questions.

I wanted to be able to give them the support that was needed for this.

I wanted to protect them from the fear.

I began researching everything I could. 

I knew someday they would have the same questions I did.  I knew it was up to me to find the answers.

 And I mean..


Some of my research led me to try meditation.  This had a profound impact on numerous areas of my life.

It was the one thing that finally helped me quiet my mind so that I was able to connect with God, fearlessly.  I began to actually understand what it was that’s been trying to get my attention my whole life. 

 As I spent time with my inner child, I realized I had nothing to fear. My experiences were not originally “fearful.”  I only began to fear them due to the responses that other people had when I shared them. 

I experienced forgiveness and new found feelings of self love and appreciation. 

 This is when I intentionally started working with God, with Spirit, the Divine, the Creator, the Universe – it is all one. 

 I like to think of surrendering as going with the flow. Believe me, if you think of flow in the terms of water, it’s way easier to go with the flow then it is to swim up the stream.

Especially when it comes to working with the Divine. God is wanting to work with us. God is within us, walking with us, and leading us. God speaks to us, and  it’s different for each of us. 

In order to hear we have to quiet our hearts and minds, boldly trust and know that we are loved and protected!

It’s so easy to hear from the Divine if you just listen quietly and go with the flow!

When I began to listen and truly be open to the possibilities, Spirit began giving me opportunities and new experiences that helped me open up further. This happened over the course of a year. I called them “training exercises.” I began working with Spirit and let my guard down, and started to share some of the messages I had received to others.

The validation I received in return was beautiful reassurance that this is what I am here to do. I was starting to step into alignment with my soul’s purpose. And I can’t even tell you how wonderfully beautiful and amazing it felt.


I believe that when you let go and go with the flow, life can be far more magical than we ever even imagined.  When I surrendered, Spirit showed up in ways that I never dreamt of! I began learning how to help others heal and grow in their own journey. For once I was comfortable in my own skin.  I love living this life, and helping people find truth, love, inspiration and healing! I said YES to my soul's purpose and Yes to begin co-creating this life with Spirit!  I was given the name "Golden Heart Healing" during a meditation and was told that it would be my business name. Little did I know, that just a few short months later, I would be starting my own business, Amanda Rae Golden Heart Healing!! 
Amanda Rae
Golden Heart Healing