Energy Retrieval- Calling Your Energy Back By Amanda Rae You know those times where you feel depleted, overwhelmed, fed up, and just plane old, flat out exhausted?  This can happen when we try to juggle our career, family, responsibilities, schedules, to do lists, you name it. Trying to keep, plus […]

Feelings that Feel Feeley By Amanda Rae   →This post was inspired by a journal entry from my personal journal on 7-6-2020. I journal often.  It helps me to unpack and integrate what I am learning.  I had no intention of sharing this with anyone, but found myself addressing this […]

What is Ancestral Healing Ancestral healing in short is healing your family tree. It involves healing your ancestors unresolved emotional issues, problems or tramas. By doing this, it releases you from that pattern, along with releasing generational healing to the generations before you as well as those who are after […]

Challenging our Challenges By Amanda Rae Challenging our Challenges Confidence comes from doing the very thing that brings resistance. My resistance was in speaking my truth and letting people get to know my true authentic self. It forced me to see that the only thing that held me back was […]