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 My name is Amanda Rae!

I am an Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual Heart Healer, Certified Energy Healer, Coach and Teacher. 

Some of my gifts have been passed down several generations, although it wasn’t something my family discussed. I decided to blaze the trail alone where I found my own souls truth. I connect with the Divine to bring you messages with love, clarity, healing and inspiration. These messages can help you align to your own souls truth to further facilitate your healing and transformation. 

I am also a Heart Energy Healer. I work with Spirit to illuminate energetic blocks or areas that may need to be healed and released that will benefit you most at that time. Each of my sessions are completely unique and individualized depending on your needs. They’re a beautiful mix of channeled spiritual messages, intuitive guidance, heart and energy healing and messages from loved ones in spirit who have crossed over.

Be Inspired

My goal is to help you become more comfortable being your true authentic self! I have found that through talking with people and sharing my story, it helps them identify and connect to their own spiritual abilities and metaphysical experiences. 

My Services

30 Minute Session

Great for one or two questions that you may have. Gain a deeper understanding, become aware of what is beneath the surface, and hopefully inspire you to take the next steps towards healing and success.

60 Minute Session

Move deeper into the areas of question or concern. Together we will work to provide you with a deeper understanding for what it is you are needing to hear at that very moment, so that you can move forward in your journey with more clarity and inspiration.

Free Flow

Free flowing and inspired by Spirit! This is a perfect chance to hear any messages of love, guidance, healing and support that is just for you! If you don’t have a specific question but would love to hear what is best for you at this very moment, then let’s go with the flow and enter a space of receiving. 

Distant Energy Healing Report Only 

Receive without participating during the healing session. This session is excellent for those who are limited on time, access to internet, etc.

I will take notes and send my findings to you in a report via recorded video or written email.

Distant Energy Healing   Full Session

Relax and receive treatment from the comfort of your home. My live sessions will be held over video chat and allow for us to talk through the healing session so we can work together to get you the best outcome for your needs at that time.

Please make sure you can schedule a time when you can sit and relax, uninterrupted. 

Mediumship Session

This session will allow me to gently connect to your loved ones in spirit, to bring you messages of hope, healing and clarity. This can include messages surrounding the topics of love, relationships, home or career. Mediumship readings provide an excellent way to connect with our own spirit team, and our loved ones in Spirit, who are no longer with us.

Coaching Sessions

I offer individualized coaching and mentoring sessions. 

Please click on the link below to find out more! 

I have a deep compassion for helping people find healing and joy! I love working with my clients and co-creating with the Divine and with Spirit to bring messages that heal, give hope and inspiration to those who are open to receive!

 Megan’s Mystical Mash-up with host, Megan Rounds!

 I was recently invited to be the special guest on a spiritual talk show! We enjoyed a laid back conversation about life, the universe and everything in between! I had so much FUN!!  In the video below, I share about the premonition dream I had a few months back about being interviewed! I still can’t believe it!  I also share some of my personal spiritual journey story!

Click below to watch!

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